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AirFlex Suspension

AIRFLEX FULL KITS AirFlex Systems allow you to adjust your ride height as you please, with approximately 130mm of adjustment you can drive nice and high - staying clear of obstacles on the road whilst also being able to lower your car to the floor at the touch of a button. Our kits are built in house here in Australia - using the best components where necessary, giving you unmatched ride quality at the best price on the market! Our margins are low, and we don't charge any hefty import fees! Click Here for more info PROCOIL AIR CUPS The perfect solution for an adjustable ride without any impact on performance! Our new ProCoil series air cups feature industry leading air...

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AirFlex LAB

AirFlex Lab is the latest branch of the AirFlex lineup Focusing on providing the highest quality automotive performance work, services available include motorsport level custom fabrication, mil-spec wiring and dyno tuning. With our primary focus being on wiring and tuning! We focus on providing services on a personal basis, building a relationship with you to see your build to the end! Unlike most, our priority is not profit, rather we want to work with you to get your build moving AND save you money. Give us a call and lets chat about your car, that way we can recommend the best parts and offer you the best way to complete your build. Our workshop is equipped with the latest, state of the art equipment...

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