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AirFlex Systems allow you to adjust your ride height as you please, with approximately 130mm of adjustment you can drive nice and high - staying clear of obstacles on the road whilst also being able to lower your car to the floor at the touch of a button.


The AirFlex management system is one of the most feature packed systems on the market, the system has 4 corner adjustment as well as 5 user definable presets to get your car to the exact height you desire. Our system also has ignition based control - allowing you to automatically air up when you start the car and air out when you turn the car off. The advanced processors on our management controller make thousands of calculations every second and make micro adjustments to ensure the smoothest and most predictable ride quality.


Legally, we recommend AirFlex for off road use only, however in some states the system is legal to use. This depends on where you live, we recommend consulting your state government or authorities if this is a concern.

In Australia, majority of modifications are illegal - this includes things such as low % window tints, stickers and banners, our system is no different. In short, no. Our kit cannot be engineered as our system is adjustable while the car is in motion. The system could potentially be modified to meet ADR standards and be engineered for road use - however this is not recommended.


In short - Extremely.

With a proper install, our system is completely safe for use and has been tested in all extremes. As the strut is sealed and protected from the elements, the shock absorber (generally) lasts longer than a traditional coil-over.


We probably do! Not all models are listed on our site so get in touch and we'll see what we can do for you. Keep in mind, although we can make kits for most cars; (in most cases) if your car has factory electronics connecting to the suspension system, these will be bypassed and may require emulation


Of course you can! Installing our air kit is simple as we include a full diagram of the air lines and wiring. We compare the difficulty to that of installing a sub-woofer and coil-overs.


We believe in no compromises so we use a combination of in-house as well as outsourced components to deliver you a high quality, fully featured system at a fraction of the price.


Having a larger tank allows you to store more air, we recommend a 3 Gallon for most small and mid sized vehicles, however if you have the space or have a larger vehicle a 5 gallon is always handy. Dimensions (approximate): 3 Gallon: 490mm x 165mm (~180mm inc. mounts) 5 Gallon: 720mm x 165mm (~180mm inc. mounts)


Dual Compressors take up more space and are louder for the time they are running, however they allow you to fill up your tank almost twice as quickly.


We definitely do! We can provide a tax invoice upon request in addition to the confirmation you receive upon checking out. To ensure you have a genuine airflex invoice. Please confirm that it was sent from our email: contact@airflx.com.au.

Question not listed here? Contact us on our official instagram @airflx or via our Contact Form and we'll get back to you!

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