AirFlex Price Increase - EOFY 2021/22

To our valued customers - we've enjoyed building high quality suspension systems for the years past and present. However we've reached a point where we've saturated what we can do in our previous pricing structure. In addition to this - with the global supply shortage - the cost of materials to build systems has almost outgrown our budget.

Being a constantly growing brand - we've been absolutely flat out with orders, building new and exciting air systems every day! We're at a point where we are looking to grow both internally and externally. This means further increasing the quality of our kits aswell as bringing on a larger team to provide after sales support, tech info aswell as a team who can install systems in house!


We will therefore be implementing a new pricing structure - with our base kit increasing from $3500* to $3700*. Whilst only a minor change to customers - it will enable us to bring a host of long awaited (and very welcome) changes to the AirFlex range.


The new pricing structure will take effect as of 01/07/2022 (July 01, 2022)

We appreciate your business and look forward to servicing all of your air suspension needs for many years to come!


- AF.


*prices ex GST and/or applicable Taxes/Shipping.