AirFlex ProCoil - Air Cups only

AirFlex ProCoil - Air Cups only

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The perfect solution for an adjustable ride without any impact on performance! Our new ProCoil series features our industry leading air spring technology to give you pneumatic adjustable preload!

This allows you to raise or lower your car up to 100mm whilst still retaining your normal ride quality. Unlike other systems on the market - there's no limit to how long you can ride aired up. Air up as long as you like and ride at whatever height you like!!!

Compatible with all brands of coil-overs

Kit Includes

  • 2 or 4 AirFlex ProCoil Air Cups

~ Upon ordering - you'll receive an email with instructions on how to measure up your coil-overs for AirFlex ProCoil.

As they're custom made to suit your coil-overs - orders are built one by one and are subject to our standard 4-12 week timeframes.