Haltech - Elite 2000/2500 Nissan RB CAS Sub Harness

Haltech - Elite 2000/2500 Nissan RB CAS Sub Harness

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R32/33 CAM Angle Sensor Breakout

  • This harness when installed in conjunction with a Haltech Elite ECU opens the door to virtually limitless performance modification and tuning of your vehicle.
  • Fully programmable systems allow you to extract all the performance from your engine by delivering precisely the required amount of fuel and ignition timing that your engine requires for maximum output under all operating conditions. 

Suits: Elite 2000/2500 Nissan RB Twin Cam Series Terminated Engine Harness (HT-130326)

Includes: Nissan RB Twin Cam CAS Sub-Harness

Notes: Suits: R32/33 (Early style metal case) and R34 (Late style plastic case) CAS. Note: Requires the supplied Nissan CAS connector to be fitted to the pre-crimped pins to suit either the early or late pinout as per the supplied diagram. Does NOT include engine or ignition sub harnesses.