Link ECU - Boost Control Solenoid (3 Port)

Link ECU - Boost Control Solenoid (3 Port)

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Link ECU - Boost Control Solenoid (3 Port)

More boost? Of course, this 3-port boost control solenoid will help you do it. 

3 port boost control solenoids are the go-to for the majority of boost control applications, they allow for precise control of boost and boost levels can be raised to around 2-3 times the spring pressure of the wastegate.

For higher boost applications consider our 4-Port boost control solenoid. 


Compatible with all Link ECU's.
It can be used with single or multiple wastegates (Using a T junction).
Compatible with internal or external wastegates.
Fast and consistent response times.
High shifting forces.
MAC 35 series - Rugged, reliable and long operational life.
Short stroke, high flow.
Balanced poppet, immune to variations of pressure.

    We recommend starting with a PWM Frequency of 20Hz for this Boost control solenoid. A detailed description of setting up boost control can be found in the help file in our PCLink software which is available for free download.


    MAC 35 series.
    120 PSI max.
    1/8' BSPPL.
    12 VDC (5.4W).
    18' (45cm) coil leads.
    Includes 3 x 1/8 BSP hose tail fittings for easy connection.