Link ECU - Link RACEPAD - Steering Wheel CAN Keypad
Link ECU - Link RACEPAD - Steering Wheel CAN Keypad
Link ECU - Link RACEPAD - Steering Wheel CAN Keypad

Link ECU - Link RACEPAD - Steering Wheel CAN Keypad

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Link ECU - Link RACEPAD - Steering Wheel CAN Keypad

RacePad is the ultimate CAN-bus steering wheel button panel designed to elevate your racing experience to the next level. With 4 rotary knobs and 8 easy-to-reach buttons, RacePad is the ideal addition to any race car, enabling both professional drivers and amateurs to fully customize their driving style thanks to individualized button icons and LED colour selection.

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Box Contents:
1 x RACEPAD (steering wheel is not included)

1 x Mounting Bracket
1 x DTM4 Mating Connector Kit

1 x Molex Mating Connector Kit
1 x Link Sticker
1 x Keypad Button Insert – Link Logo

Note: Racepad ships with empty button inserts, inserts need to be selected and purchased individually. 1 x Link ECU Logo Button Insert included in box loose.

  • 8 Backlit Buttons and 4 Rotary Knobs
  • 4 Analogue Inputs for additional Sensors or Switches
  • CAN Configurable with G4X/G5 PC Link – Change button
    LED backlight colour, individual button indicator ring
    colour, programmable to show change in status, flashing
    option, multiple modes including momentary, latched
    and toggle
  • 8 Blue LED Lights on Rotary Encoders while all 8
    Pushbuttons Buttons have customisable RGB LED Rings
  • CAN Bus Communication back to Engine Management
  • Compatible with all G4X and G5 ECUs
  • Customizable Button Inserts – The replacement system
    for individual inserts makes modifying the keypad layout
    simple and economical
  • 12 Fixed LEDs in centre can be used for configurable
    feedback – RPM etc.
  • Includes mounting plate adapter to support
    common aftermarket steering wheel bolt patterns
    including MOMO (6x70mm) and Nardi (6x74 mm)
  • DTM4 Connector for CAN and Power, Molex Connector
    for Analog Inputs



Connector - DTM4 Connector for CAN and Power (Black = Ground, Red = Power, White = CAN High, Blue = CAN Low) + Molex 39-01-3069
Switch Life - 3 million operations
Default Baud Rate - 1000kbit/s
Chemical Resistance - Deet, Engine Cleaner, Isopropyl Alcohol, Suntan Lotion, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Orange Citrus Cleaner, Muriatic Acid
UV Protection - UVB 400 hours
Salt Spray Per - ASTMB117

Weight (Racepad) - 110grams 

Dimensions (From front w x h) - 197 x 180mm

Thickness - 36.2mm excluding knob height